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Mission Statement:

No matter your fitness level, our goal is to provide each V3 member with a feeling of community focused around our knowledgeable V3 team. We are just as dedicated to your fitness journey as you are and provide optimum, customized equipment and an exclusive supplement line to help support your healthy lifestyle.

Commitment and consistency is important to us. And we know it takes BOTH to get you to where you want to be. That’s why V3 offers a diverse group of educated, performance-based trainers giving you the mental and physical support you need to be successful in the gym.

Additional Information:

  • Full Outdoor Training Area

  • 100% Exclusive Partnership with Fit Republic

  • First-Class Atlantis Equipment

  • TRX Functional Space

  • Cardio Zone


“When you create a strong container of self-awareness around yourself, you stop leaking your inner-power through self-criticism, judgment, comparison, and doubt. This container of your presence and self-acceptance needs to be strong to allow the fires of transformation to burn away all that doesn’t serve you.”

– HeatherAsh Amara

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Online Training

Our online program offers individuals an opportunity to reach their goals on their own time.

You will work weekly one-on-one with a certified V3 Trainer on a nutritional plan and a workout routine based off of an initial one-on-one consultation with the trainer of your choice. The basis of the plan is to build (and continue) a close working relationship with your trainer so that the program is accurately designed around your goals and meets your schedule and lifestyle.

The program will include:

•    1-on-1 Video Consultation

•    Weekly Checkins with your Trainer + 1 Hour Skype Session

•    Nutrition Plan and Guidance

•    Weight Training Program Design





All of the supplements V3 sells are supplied by none other than Fit Republic. Fit Republic’s vision is to supply a holistic approach to health, wellness, and fitness which aligns closely with our mentality here at V3. Fit Republic offers the best in supplements and V3 is a proud sponsor in selling the best supplements on the market.

Some of the supplements you’ll find at V3 include:

  • New Age Nutrition (NAN) Congo Pre-Workout

  • NAN Essentials

  • NAN Omega Shape CLA 1000

  • NAN Reign

  • NAN Thermo Evolution

All supplements are available at V3 Performance Center.