I get this statement all the time, “I have no idea what steps to take to start getting in shape.”  The truth is everyone has a different goal, whether it is being a top collegiate athlete or losing 20 pounds for a wedding. If you ask me, the steps to either one of these goals are the same and these five components will make or break your performance at any level.

The 5 Components of Fitness:

  1. Nutrition is the deciding factor in whether or not you reach your goal; it is the biggest and most important component. You may already consider nutrition a necessary change, but don’t understand the “what and how” of changing your diet. Without proper nutrition it is impossible to achieve any sort of weight loss or quality size. Consider this the next time you step on a stair master or treadmill and watch as you rack up 30 minutes of strenuous cardio to find that you have burnt off the bagel you had that morning. Was the bagel the best use of calories consumed that morning or could you have fed your body something more beneficial? Nutrition is not always black and white, you must understand your body and what it needs. Identifying a nutrition plan that helps you reach your goals should be between to you and a fitness and nutrition expert.
  1. Supplementation tends to get a bad rap and become synonymous with something dangerous. This is not the case. Supplementation is something that can supplement your already “perfect” nutrition. In all seriousness, it is impossible for us to get all the essential nutrients from our foods. Things like multi-vitamins, glutamine, BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids) and Omega’s (fish oils) should be supplemented due to our lack of absorption through our western diets.
  1. Resistance Training is one step that many people trying to achieve weight loss leave out. It can be split into many subcategories including: functional training, strength training, hypertrophy training, flexibility and mobility training. All of these methods are critical in creating an ideal resistance training schedule. This step will help in building and maintaining lean muscle mass, increasing bone density, and developing proper posture. The reason resistance training is essential for weight loss is because it increases your body’s basal metabolic rate due to the increase in lean muscle mass. Creating a proper training schedule to match your goals should be done with an expert fitness professional.
  1. Cardiovascular Training is another essential part of weight loss and developing a more active lifestyle. When most people think of cardio they consider the time spent on a treadmill, however cardio is anything that raises your heart rate and increases your metabolism. The key to becoming consistent with cardio is finding something you enjoy doing, i.e. hiking, walking the dog, riding your bike to work, etc. This is a lifestyle change, not a temporary endeavor.
  1. Coaching and Accountability together are the last essential component to your success. Do you have trouble getting yourself out of bed to go to the gym? You are not alone. The definition of accountability is “the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.” You are the only liable for your actions. With this being said take action, it’s your life and it’s your body. Involve other people in your life that reflect the kind of person you want to become. Find a coach, someone who knows how to help get you where you want to go. You do not need to take this journey alone, you just have to take the first step.

V3 Performance Center‘s team approach brings to bare a community of fitness, preventative health and nutrition professionalsdedicated to your success. We offer a FREE month of training called the “Gift of Fitness” focusing around these five components to get you on route towards your goals. If you are interested in more information email me, or come check us out!

David Raday, Trainer
V3 Performance Center