Steps to Finding Your Perfect Gym:

Educated Staff

The key to finding a gym committed to your success is searching out a facility with staff knowledgeable in that scope of practice. For instance, if you are trying to find a gym to help you lose weight find a gym focused on transformations and educated in nutrition. Knowledge must be known the minute you walk up to the desk. If the front desk employee doesn’t have some knowledge in regards to basic fitness and use of equipment then you should probably look elsewhere. Knowledge is truly the key to success when trying to reach your fitness goals.

Personal Training

As I have mentioned in my previous blog, it is essential to have a personal trainer regardless of your experience. We have already covered knowledge, but you must also consider whether this trainer will be as committed to your goals as you are. This person needs to be on board and enthusiastic about this life changing experience. I tell every client that comes into my gym that this is going to be a roller coaster ride, but I am right there with you through the ups and the downs.

Community Feel

You walk into the gym, the front desk person doesn’t acknowledge the fact that you have come in. Members have their headphones blasting ignoring the fact that there are people around. Trainers look like they would rather be doing anything else. Sound familiar? Community is what drives people to Crossfit, Zumba, etc. This concept has revolutionized the industry in the sense of being able to walk into a gym and have a group of friends and family around you encouraging you to push just a little bit harder than you did yesterday. These people will text you if they haven’t seen you in a couple days making sure that you are still on track. Consider community and family as a means of receiving encouragement in return for becoming successful. Surround yourself with likeminded people in order to reach your lifelong goals.

NO Contracts

You do not need to sign your life away to reach goals! Signing a contract only ensures that you will continue to pay whether you reap the benefits or not. Dabble in different gyms until you find that one place you can for see yourself committing to reaching your goals. Then make sure that contracts are not required. Pay month-to-month so that you are in control of your fitness journey. You should have the freedom to do whatever you want at anytime. It is the gym’s job to show you incentive.

Accommodating Times

Ask yourself if the facility you are looking at will accommodate your work schedule, your child’s soccer game practices, or your school schedule. Be honest with yourself, will you go to that gym regularly given the hours they are operational. If not not, find somewhere that will accommodate you! 24 hours facilities are popping up everywhere. We just became a 24 hours facility about a month ago and it has made a tremendous difference with people in the community who work late jobs. Don’t get stuck at a gym that hinders you from becoming successful.

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