Brittany Halcomb | Personal Trainer

I work hard for what I want, love and cherish what I have, and thank the Lord for all of it. This statement has been so very true throughout my life. If you want something then you have to be willing to give all you have to obtain it.

I have played soccer since I was four years old all the way up to my first year in college. From school soccer to competitive club and indoor leagues; soccer was an all year round thing for me. Soccer was my passion and my sport and once I was done playing competitively after my freshman year in college I had to find something else to push myself in and work hard for. That’s when fitness came to be a very important part of my life.

In 2014 I competed in three shows as a bikini competitor. Taking first and overall in both of the first two shows I went on to compete in my first national show. In 2015, I had surgeries done on both of my feet, making it a year for rehab and growth. Along with my fitness life I am a full time student at Metro State University with a major in Human Performance and Sports. Once I graduate with my bachelors in 2016 then I am planning to go to graduate school to get my masters in Physical Therapy.

Whether it be in fitness, personal training, or school I choose to give my best because these are all things that I love and that I am passionate about. I am not only passionate about it for myself but also for others. The most rewarding thing for me in this profession is to see how people grow through the process. People grow to love themselves and fitness, nutrition, and health is how they do it. I work hard for what I want, love and cherish what I have, and thank the Lord for all of it; and if I can help people strive for this as well than I am happy.

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CPR/AED & First Aid
Action Personal Training
ACE Personal Training

Competition History
2014 Denver Open, 1st and Overall
2014 Northern Colorado, 1st and Overall
2014 USA’s, National Competitor