Dallas Huber | Performance Coach

My focus with athletes is not how much weight they can lift or how many reps of an exercise they can do, but rather, how well they MOVE in their respective sports while incorporating my vertimax system.

I was raised in a rural town in quiet Nebraska. My father made a lasting impression on me when he taught me the value of an active lifestyle, a lifestyle that I experienced firsthand through watersports. By the time I was eight years old I was standing on a wake board, learning how to maneuver through the water at with an agility and dexterity I hadn’t known before then. I’ll never forget the thrill of standing on the board for my first time, feeling the water tear by me as I held onto the line with everything I had. I’ll also never forget the feeling when I first started landing spins and flips on my board, it was just my board me and the water.

At a very young age I began competing in tournaments with my brother. My family would travel around Nebraska, Colorado, and Kansas to compete in these tournaments. By the age of fifteen I had been given the title of Kansas State Champion and ranked first in my division – a feat which qualified me for Nationals in California. By then I knew that staying fit and keeping active was such an important part of a healthy, fulfilling life.

Out of the water, football is my passion. In high school I focused all my spare energy on football with the hopes I would continue to play the sport through college and beyond. In 2007 I broke my fibula and tibia and lost my football scholarships by default. My surgeon believed I was down and out, and that I wouldn’t be able to play the game again. I was determined to prove him wrong. I spent all of my spare time in 2008 preparing for tryouts the following year, and in 2009 I made the team with one of the fastest forty-yard dash times at the tryout. Because of my dedication, I finally realized my dreams by competing in professional arena football as a wide receiver for four seasons.

After I realized my own potential, I felt inspired to help others. Each person has their own unique reasons for attaining their optimum fitness, and I strive to ensure those dreams become a reality. Every day I am inspired by the dedication and passion of my clients. I work to embolden and enable each client to realize their greatest ambitions and to continually set the bar higher than before. With this dedication to success, anything is possible.

The VertiMax training device is an integral part of my strength and conditioning program. As a part of my personal program, the VertiMax has aided my arena football performance by offering remarkable improvements to my leg power, arm swing velocity, and maximizing my vertical lift. The VertiMax, in addition to my fitness program and combined with your dedication, will allow you to reach even your highest goals.

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful – Eric Thomas
Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t – Jerry Rice

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