Evan Gosda | Transformation Coach

Challenging myself in new ways is my way of keeping life interesting.

I have alway been a competitive person and hate not having a goal to strive for or a challenge to overcome. I think that this comes from my involvement in athletics my whole life. Ever since I can remember I have played anything and everything I could just so I could compete. I love the team work that comes along with sports, knowing that you and a select few are striving for the same goal. I played sports competitively until my freshman year of college. My whole life I have been plagued with injury because I never knew when to stop my love for the game and desire to compete was greater than any pain caused from injury.

I went to school on a baseball scholarship as a pitcher and ended up tearing up my shoulder in the middle of my freshman season. My scholarship was taken from me and I had know idea what I was going to do without sports and being an athlete. I ended up getting my Bachelor’s degree in Human Performance and Sports because it was a way for me to still be involved in athletics. If I couldn’t be the athlete, I would train the athlete.

Dealing with all of my injuries and adversities I feel helps me relate to my clients and let them know that nothing can stop you if you want it bad enough and if your willing to put in the work. I train everyday and lift heavy weights and try to push myself beyond my limits.

My true passion is power lifting which I did for several years. After joining Team V3 as a coach I started training fitness athletes and preparing them for competition. Several of our athletes told me that I should try competing in Men’s Physique. It was a completely different way of training and eating than I had ever done before. I went from a hefty 247 pounds at 16% body fat down to 219 pounds at 4.2% body fat. I ended up taking 4th place in the Men’s Novice.

I try and use my story to inspire my clients and let them know that competing is something anyone can do as long as they stay dedicated and accountable. However, you don’t have to be an elite athlete or physique competitor to get yourself into the best shape of your life. I love designing personalized nutrition and training programs for people and to be a part of their transformations. Since the competition, I have gone back to my roots and have started back into my power lifting.

I pride myself in being able to bring the best out of people. Being a V3 coach is rewarding and seeing clients transform into their best self is what keeps me coming into work everyday.

The V3 Aesthetics team is not just a team, it’s a family. I am proud to be apart of that family because I know that we’re all there to work hard and be the best no matter what the goal may be.

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Bachelors of Science in Human Performance and Sports and Minor in Nutrition
ACE certified trainer


Competition History
Warrior Classic Mens Physique Novice 4th place

Evan “BigEv” Gosda
27 years old
6’2’’ 247lbs
Bench: 315
Squat: 450
Deadlift: 455