Giovanni Merceron | Boxing

My name is Giovanni Merceron, I’m a former pro boxer and a fitness boxing coach, and my mission is to introduce the fun side of boxing training, to the general population.

There is something very satisfying about punching and hitting something. As a fitness boxing coach it thrills me to see the excitement that people feel when they’re punching, throwing combinations, and challenging themselves on a completely different level.

I combine my 11 years of boxing and coaching to create a unique cardio and interval training experience, which allows non-fighters to experience the thrill of training like a fighter without actually having to be one.

Having fun doing anything makes it easier to stick with it, so my goal is to introduce people to a training method they can have fun with, continue to get better at, and reap the benefits of for a long time to come.

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Bachelors in Exercise Science and Heath Promotions, NSCA-CSCS

Competition History
2015 Warrior Classic 4th & 5th place First Time Novice and Novice