Joel Vandenberg | Co-Founder, CEO

Being an athlete has always been my identity. The discipline, intense training, and the commitment to better myself every day, paved my way to college where I ran track and field at Metro State University. That identity was lost after several knee and ankle surgeries. In 2010, my surgeon told me I would never be able to compete at an elite level again.

Fast forward a year of depression, I found a renewed passion through personal training and fitness. As rewarding as coaching a one on one client is, I missed a team atmosphere. I created V3 to bring a team/community feel to the fitness industry. Each person will always have their own journey, but I found the support and unity of a team allows for a much more rewarding experience.

In 2014 I won Mr. Colorado Physique. During that same year, I had three additional knee surgeries. This again pushed me into another direction from athlete, to trainer and now into a mentor. My goal is to lead by example and continue to educate and develop both trainers and clients alike through the gift of fitness and establishing a V3 culture.

After a successful campaign and overwhelming victory over the Pontic army, Julius Caesar sent a simple but powerful message back to Rome and the Senate: “VENI. VIDI. VICI.” I CAME. I SAW. I CONQUERED.

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