Julia Harvat | Personal Trainer

My name is Julia and I am the owner of Denver Mobility. It is my mission to get you out of pain and feeling the best you’ve ever felt!

I combine my six years of fitness coaching expertise with Rossiter connective tissue stretching, allowing your body to move in its most fluid, functional state. By correcting imbalances, restoring fascial space, and integrating proper resistance training, your body can heal pain and build strength faster. This approach prevents injuries as well and keeps you on track towards your fitness and health goals!

I believe in looking at wellness with a wide lens, so in addition I can help with nutritional guidance to decrease inflammation and increase metabolism. Don’t let your age or your current physical state stop you from pursuing what you want. I am dedicated to helping you get there!

To learn more about my story or Rossiter, please visit my website www.denvermobility.com.

Please feel free to message me with any further questions at julia@denvermobility.com.

Interested in Training with Julia?

Bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology
Licensed Rossiter Practitioner
ACTION Certified Personal Trainer
AFPA Group Fitness Instructor
2 years Intern at Boulder Nutrition