Max Adam Talve | Personal Trainer


In 2012 I accidentally broke my ankle in 2 places, and now have 9 screws and a plate holding it together. When I was told the news that it was broken, not only did my leg physically  break but I also broke mentally. I literally had to start over from scratch, and I’ve never had to reset before.  I would always ask for advice from my peers who weight-lift on what to do, but I would get a variety of answers. I was at a low point because I went from being always active to sedentary.

            Then one day I stopped dwelling on the past and pushed on to the future. That’s when I  decided to go learn the knowledge for myself at NPTI. It was a very eye opening experience that humbled my ego. I felt that before I didn’t really know that much about fitness, but once I graduated I felt like I became a new being that has lots to offer to the fitness community. Now I want to inspire and educate others, so that they can also become better versions of themselves. If I can start over again then I know others can too, it’s never too late!

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NASM- National Academy of Sports Medicine

NPTI- National Personal Training Institute


TRX Certification