Talia Talve | Personal Trainer

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I started Wind Warrior Athletics after overcoming a rare medical condition and weight loss journey that helped me decide to become a personal trainer. At age 3, I was diagnosed with a rare airway condition called RRP. I would get growths on my airway/vocal cords, making it difficult for me to speak and breath. At age 21 all the damage from the previous surgeries throughout the years caused so much scaring and damage that my airway was starting to close. I had to have a trach put in my airway. After a year of searching for a solution, I found a Doctor in Ohio, that would reconstruct my airway from scratch. I went 6 weeks with no eating, drinking liquids and speaking. I now have an airway big enough to work out and breath. I had a total of 180 surgeries from age 3 to 22. I ended up gaining weight throughout the years on.  One day I looked in the mirror and said to myself I am getting a second chance at life to change. I decided to lose the weight I had gained and to compete in my first fitness show. Over the past 3 years I have lost a total of 50lbs. I want to help you overcome fears, help you become more confident and crushing your weight loss, muscle strength goals, while enjoying it!! You can accomplish any obstacle and you can learn so much about yourself not just physically but mentally as well. We are all warriors in our own way and I want you to let that shine. “Never say I can’t” because you can.

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*NPTI- National Personal Training School

* Athletic Performance

* Youth Clients

* Training Youth Clients

* Boot Camp Training

Sports & Competitions:

*Highschool Track

*Highschool Basketball

*3 NPC Fitness Competitions